ladybugUpon moving to a new country dwelling in central Victoria I discovered a large number of these sweet little insects living in my sunroom window. ?  Their folklore and magick is imbedded in our hearts and psyches from a very young age.

Ladybird heralds a time of wish fulfilment and the accomplishment of higher life goals. Her medicine is to move beyond the worries of how, why and wherefore, and move consciously into ‘the flow’ of creation, allowing new happiness to unfold at its own, natural pace. You cannot force the river, it will flow in its own time … simply remove blocks in its path.

Don’t push for the outcome is her message, and wishes and desires will manifest. She speaks of honouring and living your truth, and of the importance of walking in a sure-footed and confident manner and journeying ever forward with an open heart of gratitude.