It’s interesting how many fear the snake without even crossing its path within the physical world. ?

Like an ancient genetic code, we recoil at the idea of crossing paths with the snake, and yet she is a profound symbol of things hidden deep within our collective psyche worthy and necessary to visit. The snake represents our need to transmute, a shedding of skins. She highlights the examination and removal of experiences, stagnant or suppressed emotions and toxicity within our lives on any level, be it physical, mental or spiritual. Snake cleanses and sheds her outmoded ways yearly, to be born again in a fresh skin of possibility and connection to spirit. She defines our need to be in connection with hidden aspects of our divine sexuality and the empowerment that this brings.

Rainbow Serpent energy lines weave their way through our land, encouraging us at this time of great change to work collectively and heal ourselves and heal the land.

In Australia we are home to the more poisonous snakes than any other continent. We also have a vast array of non-venomous snakes, all of which are essential in keeping the ecosystem in balance.