Children are the fastest learners when it comes to dowsing. They get it straight away! They don’t over-analyse, question or look for whys and wherefores. They see the magic, potential and simplicity of the process and simply run with it.

Child dowsing age of treeRecently I witnessed a little guy on a dowsing trip pick up my L-rods and start to ask a tree how old it was. He had no idea that several other dowsers had queried the same thing only a short while prior. He said with conviction, ‘This tree just told me it’s about 160 years old! That’s old!!’ It came as no surprise that everyone present had dowsed the same age as their response.

The tree was close to intersecting earth energy lines and there were a number of large ant mounds within close proximity. That the same little guy thanked the ants for staying away from us while we spoke to the trees.

Dowsing is a means of getting a visual response when posing a question to the realms of subtle energy around us. Everything within the fabric of our reality is connected. All we need do is ask and discover how to see the world again through the lens of ‘wonderment’. This is exactly how small people see the world – they truly have much to teach us.

Geomancy Australia organises regular trips to sacred sites and interesting locations to practice and enhance dowsing skills. If you’re interested in coming along, visit us at Geomancy Australia – Adventures and join our tribe of Earth Healers! You will discover that when you truly speak to the trees, they can and just might talk back.