This property in Melbourne’s northern suburbs was plagued with signs of geopathic stress. Ant and mouse infestations, constant feelings of aggression and emotional ‘loss of control’ were experienced by all occupants when in the main gathering areas of the home. It was dowsed that an earth meridian was running exactly through the house on a north to south axis in these ‘angry areas’.

With research, it was found that an active quarry to the north and a new railway cutting to the south had ‘severed the Dragon’. From an earth energy perspective, this means that one of the earth’s natural energy lines was now stagnant, as it could no longer flow along its natural course. This led to a build-up of yang energy, creating a severe sha. This explains the feelings of aggression, frustration, constant bickering and restlessness felt by all occupants who spent a length of time within the home.

A geological fault and an underground storm-water pipe in the back garden were also contributing factors to the energetic dysfunction of the site. Interestingly, from an eagle medicine perspective, when the brick works quarry is viewed from an aerial vantage point it is shaped like a pregnant woman clutching at her womb, lending to feelings of hopelessness and despair. This energy was very much what was now travelling along the meridian lines that passed through the site to impact those dwelling downstream of it.

paramagnetic rock for earth healingFor energy that is being constantly agitated by a quarry from the origin of the lines directional flow, regular earth acupuncture application would not suffice.

A geomantic cure for this situation was dowsed to be a large paramagnetic rock placed in a specific location to neutralise and counteract the ongoing energetic effects of these interferences from a man-made cause. The rock would attract and draw off the sha, which would discharge through the stone, thus shielding the house from its impacts.

The remedy was effective immediately. It felt like the landscape could take a breath … I would suggest the earth’s experience at that moment was a sense of relief, having had attention finally drawn to an area that had become numb, like a sore back having finally received treatment. It was akin to times, post healing, when we are left wondering how we had forgotten what it felt like before an injury we had become used to or entrained to energetically, and elated to remember what the feeling of ‘good’ really is.