At a geomancy consult in Echuca during the springtime, a substantial number of underground water courses were dowsed to be flowing through the earth underneath the property.

Wasps’ nests were being built under the verandah, directly in the line of the earth emanations – like nature’s radiation markers. Half of the double bed in the main bedroom lay within a line of earth radiation from the underground water, which explained why the occupier of the radiation-effected side of the bed was having issues with insomnia and debilitating health.

earth acupuncture

The property was situated on 21 acres, backing onto Crown land on the edge of the Murray River. A fire ceremony was conducted as an offering to the spirit of place, in honour of the ancestors and with respect to the site’s history and all events that had transpired there throughout time.

During the earth acupuncture treatment, over twenty wands were placed around the edges of the property. A wand used to release the stagnant emanations at the property entrance was left in the ground by accident. The client contacted me a month later, saying that it had taken root and sprouted.

The dryad within the wand resonated with the message or medicine of the hawthorn tree, which was appropriate in that the land needed love and compassion:

Hawthorn is used to cleanse the heart of negativity, stimulating forgiveness and love. It offers clarity of mind, removing mental confusion (stagnancy and blockages), gives patience and dispels negativity through stillness and introspection.

The wand was relocated to Melbourne where it continues to grow, happily sharing its heart healing with my property.

earth acupuncture