Enrolments in our upcoming EARTH READING workshop are now open!

Do you want to understand the relationships between human activity and environments by deepening your knowledge of Site Energetics, Earth Psychology, Omens and various systems of Geomantic Divination?

Learn about the Big 9’ – the nine key energetic concerns to look at in a home – and more!

Join us for our 2-day Earth Reading workshop on 7–8 September!


Come and join us at
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develop your geomantic eyes.

geomancy workshop


with Jewels Rocka
Saturday 7 – Sunday 8 September 2019 (2 days)
CERES, Brunswick East, Victoria

A sound foundation in the practices of Geomancy, or Earth Reading. You will gain an understanding of the relationships between human activity and environments as we explore site energetics, earth psychology, omens and various systems of geomantic divination. You will learn to differentiate and diagnose earth energies, while focusing on their effect on communities and individual destinies. You will be given the knowledge to heal and create change for a better earth, enhancing spaces and the fortunes of communities, family, friends and clients. More …

Enrolments now open!
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