CandleAs the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere, by the light of the dark moon we celebrate Samhain, the Festival of the Dead. Now, as the sun’s strength is beginning to wane, we celebrate the year that has been the the new one beginning, as many traditions celebrate this as New Year.

Samhain is the time of the Crone, a time to honour what has passed, to honour the cycle knowing that with the death of the old comes opportunity for the new. As autumn ends and winter sets in, we enter the dark phase of the year, which supports us to rest and regenerate, to journey inwards, before rebirth and transformation occur.

This is a magical time of year; the veil between worlds are said to be thin. As a time of remembrance, it’s also a time to honour those who have passed, to share their wisdom or light a candle for them – or to place a candle in the window to help any wandering spirits find their way. As such it’s also a time many use to commune with ancestors or for divination and dreaming. It’s also the perfect time to cleanse yourself and your home, to release before the transition inwards during the darker days.