sage smudge stick and sweetgrassIt’s time for a reset. Today the moon is full while it’s at its closest point to earth all month, making it a super moon. It’s also a blood moon, occurring at the same time as a total lunar eclipse.

This Leo/Aquarius eclipse is the time to vision and manifest. As the moon, our feminine, deeply feeling side, falls into shadow, take the time to travel inward. Dream into what you want in your future. Eclipses are transitional points, they offer an opportunity to reset and transform. They can bring fast change and endings, freeing up space to welcome in the new and let go of what no longer serves us.

So why not create a ritual of clearing, opening up, visioning and manifesting? Smudge your space, bless your home and the land. Dream into what you desire for 2019, and invite in love and joy. What are you ready to transform and create? x