space clearing
Burning a ritual herb like sage can help cleanse your space

Today’s new moon, so close to the end of 2018, signals a time of beginnings. The dark moon is a time for inner work and reflection. Now is the time to vision and set intentions for the coming year, to let go of what we no longer need and to welcome the incoming energy and new experiences of 2019. Mercury has just turned direct, further encouraging us to slow down and let go.

With this cleansing energy of the new moon we’re aided in setting our intentions and asking the universe to support us with that. Rituals to release the old and welcome in the new will be powerful now. A simple example is to start by cleansing your space with smoke from a ritual herb like sage, to help clear any stagnant, old energy. Then create your space to dream using objects that are sacred to you, perhaps light a candle, and write your intentions down to help ground them in this reality. Meditate on your wishes and ask for support from the universe, your guides, divine wisdom or a deity you connect with.

Keep your written intentions somewhere you can see them as a reminder of your desires, or weave in a symbolic act that has meaning to you, something that will help ground your intentions – offer them to fire, bury them in the earth, place them in a medicine pouch, whatever feels right.

Just be sure to dream big – we have a whole new year to welcome in and the energy of a new moon helps us connect with those dreams that might at first seem out of reach! ?