geopathic stress


The effects of Geopathic Stress can be compounded by modern buildings, especially those with concrete floors and steel frames. These carry georadiations and spread them throughout the building, making it much more difficult to avoid.

Geopathic stress is a disturbance in earth’s natural energies and magnetic field. It can occur naturally or it can be created by the actions of people. Buildings can interfere with the earth’s natural balance, particularly those with deep foundations and those that have reinforced concrete containing metal rods or mesh. Any georadiations that are present are carried by this metal, spreading it throughout a building and increasing the field of disturbance.

When a line of geopathic stress runs through a home or workplace in areas people spend large amounts of time, illness is often found to occur. While geopathic stress doesn’t cause disease, it weakens the body’s defences against it. Geopathic stress has the ability to disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and functions, and to produce emotional and psychological responses. Those affected by geopathic stress often feel lethargic and may have difficulties overcoming illness, among other symptoms. (Read more on the health effects of geopathic stress here.)

Ultimately, geopathic stress can be explained as an unhealthy or flawed relationship between the environment and those living there. The earth is a living and complex being, and as such we need to find balance and harmony to live peacefully and in full health. Geomancy is one way of working towards achieving this balance and harmony.


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