As the wheel turns, here in the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate the Love Festival: Beltane. It’s the start of our summer months and a time of sexuality and fertility, life and maturation – a time of celebration, feasting and joy.

The energy about is very yang, on its way to rising to its full power, which we’ll celebrate at Summer Solstice. Around us we see this in nature: everything is growing, young birds are leaving their nests, plants are maturing and blossoming, and trees are starting to fruit in promise of the coming harvest.

labyrinth at night
Beltane is the perfect time to walk a labyrinth and seek clarity, set intentions and open up to receiving.

This strong life force is also reflected in earth energies (dragon lines), such as ley lines, water courses and earth grids. These energies are very strong now and Beltane is a fantastic time to get out your dowsing rods to seek out these lines, or to try and intuit them with body dowsing.

As the energy continues to expand, many seek clarity and open themselves up to receiving new thoughts, new paths, new ways of being. Manifesting is always strong near Beltane, and more so this year, with current astrological energies supporting manifestation of our reality very quickly. It’s therefore important to slow down, be present and aware of where you’re sending your energy, of what you’ll attract and of what you’re creating.

Because of this, at Beltane many create and walk labyrinths – all the better if they’re near a blind spring, as the energies will be extra strong. Tonight at dusk, when the veils are particularly thin, is the perfect time for walking a labyrinth, taking time to listen for answers, open to new inspiration, look for clarity and set intentions.

However you choose to mark Beltane tonight, do it outside – dance, move, drum, express love. It’s a festival closely aligned with fire, so light candles or bonfires and celebrate expansion, life, nature, love and explore your own ways to come into contact with your wild inner self. It’s the time of the Green Man, so connect with that energy within and express your truest, deepest self. Honour the heart and honour the Earth and her continued support of us all through her own fertility, abundance and generosity.

Happy Beltane!