raven as omenTwo crows have dropped sticks on my head at different times over the last week. They’re obviously busy making their nests before spring, but I think there’s more to it.

Initially I didn’t slow down and pay much attention to this message, but yesterday morning a true murder of crows sat in the tree at my back door, cawing loudly until I could ignore them no longer! In the five years I’ve lived here I’ve never seen or heard such a large group like this at our place. So this time I listened. I sat with them and felt into their message for me. I reflected on what I was doing, thinking, feeling at the moment I heard them, thought about the possible meanings these crows could hold for me and how that feeds into my life at present. After maybe 15 minutes of sitting there, they moved on. Almost immediately. And today I haven’t seen or heard a crow on our property. For me, this confirmed that the message I received really was the one I needed.

As part of the web of life, all parts of nature and the world are constantly interacting with us, and communicating with us through messages, omens or signs if we take the time to hear and see them … and if we don’t get the message, sometimes things literally drop out of the sky and make us pay attention!

These signposts might come in the form of an animal that holds significance, numbers that we see again and again, words or phrases we hear repeatedly, in songs, out-of-the-blue meetings or conversations, or as cloud forms in the sky – and these are only a few examples. The key is that these signs have meaning for you, that you receive them and understand their message for you. Often you will find that if you don’t receive the message the first time, it will keep on coming until you do. (Sometimes, looking back it is easier to see the signs we had ignored or overlooked at the time.)

To receive an omen, we really just need to raise our awareness. Hold a question, set your intention to be open to receiving an answer, and then pay attention to the signs around you. Go for a walk in nature or just go about your day. Trust. Know that the message or answer you need will come – let it come, don’t go looking for omens. (Sometimes a stick is just a stick!) These feathers on the path will come as they need to, they are how the universe reveals to us that we are on our right path, they are how our highest good is revealed to us. Slow down a little. Remain aware and conscious. Be awake to the world around you and to the signs you are receiving.

As this becomes habit, or part of your day, the path ahead usually becomes clearer. By opening our awareness we are truly connecting into the web of which we are a part, and trusting in our greater good, letting go of control and the need to direct. In this way our healing, growing and evolution all deepen and our outlook enriches.

raven as omen

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