geomancy australiaAs the wheel turns, we welcome in winter in the Southern Hemisphere, with today being solstice – the shortest day of light and the longest dark. It is a time of rebirth, with the birth of tomorrow’s sun bringing longer days. ?

Today’s sunrise on such a crisp winter morning called me to pause and honour this cycle. All of nature has slowed and inner growth, rather than outer growth, has been the focus. It is important to tune into your own body and cycles, and to honour the same in yourself at this time. Now is the time for inner reflection, to give thanks, to go within and be still, and to begin preparing the seeds for projects that will manifest at summer solstice in December.

Today honour the earth and yourself with ritual that focuses on gratitude and meditating on the heart. This can be as simple as rising early to welcome in the new sun after the longest night. Or tonight lighting a candle for the return of the sun, listening to the wise self within and making room for the new. What are you visioning for? What dreams are you carrying?