weeds in the heartThis beautiful little book provides a valuable introduction to working with the wisdom of plants, and explores ways of deepening your connection with plants in order to learn directly from them. Nathaniel Hughes opens the doorway into communicating with plants intuitively, offering a way to discover an enriching relationship with them and to dream with them. It’s only short but is such a valuable book for anyone wanting to start working with nature consciousness and looking for a way in to begin this work. Fiona Owen’s gilded, symbolic images studded throughout are gorgeous and offer a way of further connecting with the plants.⠀

“Weaving together somatic awareness, conscious engagement with our own projections and intentional dreaming, we find our way through the complex layers of self to a deeper knowing of the plant. An intuitive approach to herbalism prioritises the wisdom gained through direct relationship, experience and initiation.”


Images: Fiona Owen