I found this lovely house guest and resisted the automatic compulsion to kill it. Why? Because I knew I had to research her medicine, and I’m so glad I did!

We have been misled to believe that white tails are flesh-rotting evil-doers whose bite will blister and blacken the skin. Such a mistruth. With a little research you will discover her venom is listed as ‘non-lethal’. She is a true symbol of fear-mongering and the blind leading the blind.

She teaches us to learn to discern, and not blindly follow mass opinion without question. Seek out your own inner truth always, for if we blindly follow old mis-truths, outmoded systems and theories we will never evolve to make this planet heal. So white tail weaves into our psyche a need to be a visionary, to be creative and pave our own path of truth, not blindly walk the path of others, nor unconsciously agree with someone else’s view. We are the weavers of our own reality after all.

And next time resist the squish … she’s simply sharing with you her medicine ??