Geomancy training

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Would you like to:

  • Practice earth healing at home or professionally?
  • Study with professionals working in the field of geomancy and healing, with over 50 years of combined experience?
  • Understand the principles of geomancy from classical and contemporary perspectives?
  • Develop real and useful skills, and have practical experiences reading and healing the environment?

Take the plunge and join us for one of our hands-on workshops.

Change the way you experience the world.

You will:

  • Gain a strong foundation in dowsing, geomancy and shamanism
  • Learn practical techniques and skills for dealing with issues in the built and natural environments
  • Heal trouble spots that may have serious health and social implications
  • Learn to communicate with energies of the subtle realms, including elementals and nature spirits
  • Deepen your connection with the spirits of place and your understanding of earth energies
  • Be able to create a more harmonious and bountiful life for yourself and others
  • Learn to practice as a geomancer
  • Become part of a tribe that works collectively towards earth healing


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You can join us for one workshop, or complete ‘Earth Reading’, ‘All About Earth’ and ‘Earth Magic’ as the practitioner course.

No previous experience required.

As well as providing the theory and history underpinning geomancy, our workshops are very hands-on, bringing in a lot of practical work and site visits, so you’ll come away confident to start using everything you’ve learnt.


Geomancy training


Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to study with UK-based Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka of Land and Spirit, internationally renowned professionals working in the field of geomancy and healing, with over 50 years of combined experience.







with Jewels Rocka
15–16 September 2018
9.30 am – 5 pm (2 days)
CERES, Brunswick EastWorkshop this week

A sound foundation in the practices of Geomancy, or Earth Reading. You will gain an understanding of the relationships between human activity and environments as we explore site energetics, earth psychology, omens and various systems of geomantic divination. You will learn to differentiate and diagnose earth energies, while focusing on their effect on communities and individual destinies. You will be given the knowledge to heal and create change for a better earth, enhancing spaces and the fortunes of communities, family, friends and clients.

Topics include:

  • The Geomantic Perspective: context and definitions; stages and states of geomantic consciousness; the Tao of geomancy; practices and techniques; the geomantic mantle, boundaries and responsibilities
  • Psychic Protection: with a focus on reading and channelling; auric defences and maintenance; the shamanic powerbase
  • Types of Reading: divination skills and techniques; Aristotelian elements, associations and uses as a remedial focus
  • Spirit of Place: naming and framing
  • Introduction to Dowsing: earth energies and their qualities; solutions and enhancements for various situations
  • Site Energetics: in the built and natural form; qi qualities and analysis; yin and yang and human endeavour; reading the macro and micro environment; the ‘Big Nine’
  • Introduction to Technopathic Stress: hazards and solutions; sick building syndrome
  • Omens in Geomantic Practice: relevance, analysis and interpretation; reading the bones
  • Putting it together: site survey; practice reading the environment in the local area; street walk and analysis

No previous knowledge or experience required.

Enrolments now open.

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with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
14–17 February 2019
9.30 am – 5 pm (4 days)
CERES, Brunswick East

Theory and practice of dowsing earth’s subtle energies. We will explore the nature and scope of dowsable earth energy lines; communication with etheric and astral earth beings; the nature, causes, types, signs, and medical and social symptoms of geopathic stress; and a range of techniques to neutralise or heal disturbed earth energies. You will discover your personal strengths using a variety of systems. We will also examine the theory and design of sacred space.

Topics include:

  • Learn to dowse: styles and protocols; equipment and maintenance; map dowsing
  • Earth energies: source, categorisation and nature; power centres and sacred sites; identifying portals; ley lines, energy leys, tri-fold lines, earth grids
  • Geopathic stress: Chinese and Western perspectives; underground water, mineral deposits, geological faults, radon gas; neutralising techniques; earth acupuncture points; wands, crystals, talismans and other remedies; protection, permission and boundary issues
  • Elementals and nature spirits: working with devas, elementals and nature spirits; addressing spirits of place; landscape entities; angels; tree spirits and wands
  • The geomantic mantle
  • Design of sacred space
  • Site visits

No previous knowledge or experience required.

Enrolments now open.

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with Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka
Saturday 9 February 2019 (1 day)
Regional Victoria, venue TBA


Are you curious to learn more about:

  • geomancy
  • earth healing
  • earth acupuncture
  • earth energies and grids
  • geopathic stress
  • site energetics
  • working with devas and elementals
  • working with the subtle realms

Join us for this 1-day workshop that will introduce you to different aspects of the ancient art of geomancy.

Geomancy provides an insight into the connection between yourself, others and your environment, and develops your ability to read and interact with all levels of the land. Spend a day connecting with the land, immersing yourself in practical experiences and theory.

No previous knowledge or experience required.

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with Richard Creightmore
Sunday 10 February 2019 (1 day)
Regional Victoria, venue TBAgeomancy workshop


A day of practical exercises to learn how to dowse for underground water. You will discover how to identify primary and secondary underground streams, and blind springs, as well as judging water quality, depth and flow rates.

No previous knowledge or experience is required. The art of dowsing will be introduced and taught on the day and there will be ample opportunity to practice the skills you learn.

Don’t miss this opportunity to train with an internationally acclaimed expert who is in high demand in the field of water divining. Richard has been a practising water diviner and geomancer since 1986, specialising in earth acupuncture and medical feng shui.

No previous knowledge or experience required.

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with Jewels Rocka
16–19 May 2019
9.30 am – 5 pm (4 days)
Melbourne, venue TBA


We will examine the nature, causes and signs of geopsychic stress, techniques to release earthbound beings and spirit manifestations, and using shamanic practices including working with elementals and other beings to enhance geomantic work. Learn to create ‘earth magic’ rituals, and about the performance and suitability of ceremony, with reference to ritual form, astrological timing and magical items used in practice. Learn to create sacred spaces for ritual or maintenance of healthy earth.

Topics include:

  • Geopsychic stress: identification and release of earthbound ghosts; understanding different spirit manifestations, human and non-human entities; identifying and healing traumatised and displaced elemental spirits; communicating, dialoguing and healing in spirit work; removing curses, demons and other entities; place memory, portals, pathways of intention, lines of connection
  • Geomantic healing protocol: a complete checklist
  • Geomantic rituals: four elements; use and theory of ritual form; casting and calling; brews, potions and magical items; tuning, tying, sealing, raising, consecrating; dialoguing with elementals; use and placement of spirit houses
  • Space clearing: using ritual tools, timing, herbs and oils; creating ‘sweet’ space; rituals
  • Auspicious timing: planetary hours; moon cycles; astrological qualities of the planets, signs and houses; ceremony and sacred space
  • Geomantic mantle
  • Site and practical work

No previous knowledge or experience required.

Enrolments now open.

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The content and dates presented here are an example of subjects included in the program. We reserve the right to alter, substitute or re-program the content as necessary.


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The power of coming together as a group and extending yourself to work with earth energies cannot be overestimated.

These energies and realms are around us as a fundamental part of our everyday life, and it’s a phenomenal experience when you start to bring these powers into focus.

It gives you the ability to choose the right places to be and to avoid those you shouldn’t be, while enhancing the quality of living, working and playing spaces.

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